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Pre-Building Tips

Barns and Buildings is a design to build company, which means there are no set of plans for you to choose from. We custom design your home based on the information you provide and work with you on every detail, so no 2 projects are ever the same. Just get a rough floor plan layout, a few Pinterest pictures of your dream home and a must-have list similar to one you would give a Realtor and we do the rest! It is all included in our services so you are free to truly design your DREAM HOME!

Below you will find a checklist and relevant information we like to share with all of our clients prior to starting a new barn project.




1. BUY LAND. Check local regulations regarding building permits, inspections and site prep requirements. Barns and Buildings will be happy to assist you or point you in the right direction to get permits in order prior to breaking ground.

2. PREP THE BUILD SITE. Site preparation consists of clearing away any trees and debris, excavation, rough grading if necessary, and staking the house location in preparation for installation of the footings and foundation. This will be the area where we will install the build pad. Barns and Buildings will install the building pad but we do need it clear of all trees.

3. UTILITIES. We do not need any utilities to start construction BUT you will need electric access, road access to land as well as water well and septic system installed if the land does not already include electric/water/septic. If there is a city tie in we will coordinate with our sub contractors for you.

4. LOCATION OF BUILD. Find the best location for your barn, barn home or wedding venue on your property. For barns, you would want to be near pasture and close enough to tend to your occupants. Barns and Buildings includes site visits to all design to build packages, we will help you find the best home/barn site and advise you of different options along the way.

  • Look for high, dry and well drained areas.
  • North/south facing orientation for best for light and ventilation benefits. Limit full western exposure and situate to minimize prevailing winds and rains. This is just a suggestion, with all the windows, doors and lean-tos we can make anything work!
  • Tree and other natural landscapes can provide protection or can be removed to make room for a larger structure.
  • Access to the road for trailers and deliveries is important to keep in mind. We do have sub contractors we work with that can help with any other phase of construction.
  • We do suggest water  lines, electrical poles and other utilities should be within a reasonable distance to keep costs down.

5. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Know the pros and cons of building a metal pole barn versus a wood pole barn. Our barns are built with TRUE 6x6 marine grade wood poles which provides added value, quality, longevity and a traditional barn look. In addition to radiant barrier sheathing and plenty of insulation options, wood has natural insulating property for both heat and sound. Wood pole barns do not require additional site prep, they are an extremely stable structure as the load of the barn is on the poles, not the foundation. So the concrete is essentially flooring.

6. PROPER PLANNING. Proper planning before building is important – making sure the size and design of your barn will meet your current and future needs for your family, livestock size, storage and equipment. If your budget allows, plan for the space you’ll need for the years to come. We provide quotes for our standard designs, please know any changes prior to build or during the build will impact your budget. We are open and honest regarding the cost to build, plus any extra finishes, additions or modifications you may decide during the design and build process. We always suggest you have a 1 year, 5 year and 10 year site plan, You will save money doing this, we promise. During our site visit we can help you work over all these ideas.

7. BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING. We know starting something new can be both exciting and stressful and we try to make the build process as stress free as possible, but we want our customers to always be prepared for setbacks. If you have never been involved in a construction project please be aware that a 3 month start to finish may not always be realistic when it comes to construction. Factors such as weather, permits, building material delays, unforeseen costs may arise and delay the time to complete the project. Barns and Buildings does our very best to stay within the original time frame, however staying true to quality craftsmanship may affect the overall estimated project time. (ie, the ground is too wet to dig or use equipment, the temperatures are too high or low to apply certain products).

We got in touch with our previous contractor, but it turns out he is going bankrupt and is unable to complete the project. As you can see form the photos, we still need the 333 foot gravel road done, the garage door, the two stable doors (one has a temp wall for a workshop), finalizing the electric, and the 99 linear feet of 2' 7" rock border around the base of the barn and on the breezeway. If you could provide an itemized estimate of the remaining work, I would greatly appreciate it. I have also asked another local contractor, but he is unfamiliar with horse barns so I am a bit leery of his work. Thanks again for your patience. Should have gone with you guys in March.

Someone that went with a contractor