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The barn has evolved over the years and we strive to build a barn that stays true to tradition, style, and design.  Built by our family for your family to enjoy.

At Barns and Buildings we know what it means to be a custom barn and barn home builder because we have over 40 years experience to prove it. We do not drop a kit off on your land and leave you to find a contractor or even your own NAILS.  Barns and Buildings takes the worry out of building because we do the job from START TO FINISH, We are your Contractor and supplier. Save yourself time and money by going with one builder to help you with ALL-PHASES of your project.

If you can dream it, we can build it.


  • Up front with cost and how long it will take to build your project.
  •  Family owned and operated.
  • We involve all of our clients from start to finish so they are just as proud of their barn as we are.
  • Ensuring you will have a quality barn you can be proud of, we guatantee it.

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We got in touch with our previous contractor, but it turns out he is going bankrupt and is unable to complete the project. As you can see form the photos, we still need the 333 foot gravel road done, the garage door, the two stable doors (one has a temp wall for a workshop), finalizing the electric, and the 99 linear feet of 2' 7" rock border around the base of the barn and on the breezeway. If you could provide an itemized estimate of the remaining work, I would greatly appreciate it. I have also asked another local contractor, but he is unfamiliar with horse barns so I am a bit leery of his work. Thanks again for your patience. Should have gone with you guys in March.